Mykonos Tips


  • A typical day on Mykonos starts usually with a late breakfast at 11am before heading to the beach. The sun is at its hottest from 12 to 2pm, so to avoid getting burned, most people start showing up at the beach after 1pm. Most restaurants open each evening around 8pm. Those who prefer to dine this early though may find themselves sitting alone since dinnertime on Mykonos is traditionally after 10pm. In fact, it is common to be invited for dinner as late as 11! 
  • There are only 30 taxis that service the entire island, therefore, they cannot be booked in advance. They are usually gathered at the two taxi stands in town where you can stand in line or you can call the taxi dispatch for availability.

Aside from taking taxis, you have the option to hire a private transfer which may cost a few more euros but will ensure your safe arrival. 

  • Most people who visit the island opt to rent cars, scooters or quads from one of the many rental companies to get around. Note that while no cars are allowed within Mykonos town, there is a large free parking lot at the “old port” where you can park for as long as you like and is only a short stroll into town. If you decide to rent a scooter, you should know that only bikes up to 50ccs are rented on the island and that the ATVs or Quads are usually slow and quite dangerous on the hills. 
  • Please mention that the roads on the island are difficult and while drunk driving is not tolerated on the island, sadly, it can become a problem in the crowded months so please be careful on the roads and ALWAYS wear your helmets when driving.
  • Be sure to check which way the wind is blowing each day before choosing which beach to visit. Mykonos is known as the “Island of the Winds” so planning to avoid the North shores when there is a particularly strong North wind will make all the difference. Trust us… we have all learned that tip the hard way.
  • Ask the locals about their favorite places to unwind! Chances are they will recommend a deserted beach that is tucked away where you can quietly relax with a few friends in the middle of August when the crowds are at their worst.
  • The cobblestone streets of town are charming and treacherous to anyone with high heels on! Feel free to give it a try but bring along your favorite pair of flat sandals to be on the safe side… it can make or break your night! It is likely that you will need a light jacket for the evenings that are particularly breezy.

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